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Sara Clemens

Editor in Chief
Brooklyn, New York
Sara Clemens is a Brooklyn-based games and entertainment writer. After several years working as a freelancer, she launched Videodame, an online publication featuring personal essays, criticism, poetry, fiction, and artwork about and inspired by videogames, with particular emphasis placed on representing women and other marginalized groups within the gaming industry. Her work can also be found at Unwinnable, The Bygone Bureau, re/Action, Idlermag.com, and Gamemoir.

Sara’s been invited to speak at IndieCade East, the New York Games Conference at the New York Media Festival, ArtCade Con, and the University of Iowa’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication. She proudly serves on the subcommittee for the Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism as a member of The New York Videogame Critics Circle.