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Eric M. Rodriguez

City University of New York
Associate Professor of Psychology
Brooklyn (Metrotech) and Astoria
I’m a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at CUNY (City Tech) where my published research focuses on LGBTQ people of faith. I’m also the Church Council President at Trinity Lutheran Church in Astoria/LIC. With all that religion in my life, you’d think I’d shun ecclesiastical issues while gaming but that’s totally not the case. Even when playing AD&D as a kid, I’ve always been the cleric. I’m one of those D&D geeks who LIKE/prefer to play the cleric because religion fascinates me. Much to the dismay of my fellow adventurers, my clerics usually kick-ass first and only check to see if anyone needs healing after the battle is over.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, November 12

5:30pm EST